Together We Are Stronger - Decal

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Together we are strong than cancer- cancer takes so much from us, those fighting it and those supporting them. Cancer takes a lot but together we can help each other and be there. 

Order this decal and you'll get a few extra goodies :)

Outdoor, permanent vinyl decal. 

Apply vinyl decals to your storefront, car windows, growlers, and more.

To apply your vinyl decals, simply remove the paper backing and place the transfer tape on your surface. Once your decal is positioned correctly, press firmly onto the surface and press firmly before peeling the tape away.

Comes with printed instructions including pre-cleaning directions.

This decal is printed in colors corresponding to the type of cancer you are standing up against-

Pink   Breast Cancer
Purple   Pancreatic Cancer
Gray   Brain Cancer
Aqua   Ovarian, Cervical Cancer
Brown   Lung Cancer
Orange   Leukemia
Light Blue   Prostate Cancer
Black   Melanoma Cancer
Yellow   Childhood Cancer
Royal Blue   Colon Cancer
Kelly Green   Kidney Cancer
White   Bone Cancer
Lime Green   Lymphoma Cancer
Lavender   Other Cancers