Step on a Lego - Decal

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Legos are the things of EVERYONES childhood right? Have you ever stepped on one of those?? OH M GEEEE!! They can send you to the hospital if you aren't lucky! Hoping for someone to step on one is like as bad as wishing death upon them... but a whole lot funnier! 

Outdoor, permanent vinyl decal. 

Apply vinyl decals to your storefront, car windows, growlers, and more.

To apply your vinyl decals, simply remove the paper backing and place the transfer tape on your surface. Once your decal is positioned correctly, press firmly onto the surface and press firmly before peeling the tape away.

Comes with printed instructions including pre-cleaning directions.

This decal comes in black or white or you can order the multi-colored and get a random mix of lego inspired colors for the decal!