Our Story

The Who- I'm a mama to 3 amazing boys and this company is how I support them. When you buy from me, you aren't just filling some CEO's bank account. You are helping me buy shoes, helping my son's get birthday gifts, helping me keep the lights on and helping me make sure they have what they need. You're helping me support my family. 

I run this company inside and out. I do everything from the ordering, the designing, the website and bookkeeping and everything in between. I do it because my boys need me. My middle son is special needs and requires extra time, attention and care. To get through each day it takes grit, determination and a will stronger than granite! Plus a lot of caffeine! 

How it all began- When my mom started this company I was a junior in high school. I'd help her, stay up late and design for people. I watched her spend hours working on a project for a customer. We were tired of seeing nonprofits and children's groups getting ripped off, these groups struggled to earn the funds they used for products and uniforms. The products they received didn't hold up.

My senior year, I worked for my mom, helping her bring in more work and meet her deadlines. I saw the enormous impact we had on these groups. I loved it! It's not just digital graphics, it's not just providing a product, it's not just about quality. It's about helping to change lives, building a new company up, helping other small businesses get their name out and grow. It's about nonprofits getting better products and seeing them last for years. It's about doing physical work and creating beauty! 

The What- you get quality work, every single time. You get someone with more than 15 years of experience in the business. You get someone that genuinely cares about YOU and your company or organization. You get a woman who doesn't know when to rest because there's so much to learn, and work on and get finished! You get a teammate in your corner who's willing to do what she can to make your company grow!

This company was never created to become rich. This company was created to be FAIR, to BEAT PRICES and have SUPERIOR QUALITY. To be the best and still be affordable. 

Let's work together and build each other up!